Resident Insurance
Why Us?

Accidents happen. We have you covered.

If you think you're covered under your landlord's policy, you're probably not. The landlord's insurance typically covers only the building and infrastructure. It's your responsibility – not your landlord's – to pay for any accidental damages you cause. Our renters insurance policies provide the coverage you need at a price you can afford – and it's quick and easy!

Automatic approval for renters insurance means no application, no credit check and no need to visit with an insurance agent.

We provide low premiums that are less than the price of a daily cup of coffee! No deductible on the liability policy and affordable deductibles for contents coverage.

One Policy
We make it easy with one policy that provides both contents and liability coverage. Our policy coverage levels and terms can be selected and updated over time to best match your situation. We have optional coverage options for valuables such as jewelry and art, identity fraud insurance, pet damage and water back-up insurance. With one easy package, we provide one policy with all the coverage you need.

Claims Made Easy
Our effortless claim filing is a hassle-free process for reporting losses and your premium doesn’t increase when you file a claim.

Resident Liability
We also provide a resident liability policy (where available) to help comply with lease requirements. Enrollment and payment are easy and the policy is purchased through the website.

What does resident liability mean? Renters liability insurance covers damage or bodily injury you cause to the apartment structure, the community or other residents due to perils specified in the policy.

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